Question 1
A horizontal force of P kN is applied to a homogeneous body of weight 25 kN, as shown in the figure. The coefficient of friction between the body and the floor is 0.3. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct?

The motion of the body will occur by overturning.
Sliding of the body never occurs.
No motion occurs for P \leq 6 kN.
The motion of the body will occur by sliding only.
GATE CE 2022 SET-1   Solid Mechanics
Question 1 Explanation: 

Minimum force for sliding
(P_{min})_{sliding}=(f_s)_{max} ...(i)
Applying equilibrium equation in vertical direction
Normal reaction = Weight
N=mg=25 kN ...(ii)
Using equation (i) and (ii)
(P_{min})_{sliding}=\mu N =0.3 \times 25=7.5 kN
Minimum force for overturning

At the verge of overturning
(P_{min})_{oberturning} \times 2=W \times 2
(P_{min})_{oberturning}=\frac{25 \times 0.5} {2}=6.25 kN
Here, (P_{min})_{oberturning} \lt (P_{min})_{sliding}
First overtuning will take place.
Sliding will not take place.

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