GATE Civil Engineering 2022 SET-2

Question 1
The function f(x, y) satisfies the Laplace equation
\triangledown ^2f(x,y)=0
on a circular domain of radius r = 1 with its center at point P with coordinates x = 0, y = 0. The value of this function on the circular boundary of this domain is equal to 3.
The numerical value of f(0, 0) is:
Engineering Mathematics   Partial Differential Equation
Question 1 Explanation: 
According to given condition given function f(x,y) is nothing but constant function i.e. f(x,y)=3 because this is the only function whose value is 3 at any point on the boundary of unit circle and it is also satisfying Laplace equation, so
Question 2
\int \left ( x-\frac{x^2}{2}+\frac{x^3}{3}-\frac{x^4}{4}+... \right )dx is equil to
Engineering Mathematics   Calculus
Question 2 Explanation: 
MTA- Marks to All
I=\int \left ( x-\frac{x^2}{2}+\frac{x^3}{3}-\frac{x^4}{4}+...\infty \right )dx
Option (A)
So, its incorrect.
Option (B)
So, its incorrect.
Similarly option (C) and (D) both are incorrect.
No-correct choice given.

Question 3
For a linear elastic and isotropic material, the correct relationship among Young's modulus of elasticity (E), Poisson's ratio (v), and shear modulus (G) is
Solid Mechanics   Properties of Metals, Stress and Strain
Question 3 Explanation: 
E=2G(1+\mu )
G= Shear modulas
\mu =Poission's ratio
E= Young's modulus
Question 4
Read the following statements relating to flexure of reinforced concrete beams:

I. In over-reinforced sections, the failure strain in concrete reaches earlier than the yield strain in steel.
II. In under-reinforced sections, steel reaches yielding at a load lower than the load at which the concrete reaches failure strain.
III. Over-reinforced beams are recommended in practice as compared to the under-reinforced beams.
IV. In balanced sections, the concrete reaches failure strain earlier than the yield strain in tensile steel.

Each of the above statements is either True or False.
Which one of the following combinations is correct?
I (True), II (True), III (False), IV (False)
I (True), II (True), III (False), IV (True)
I (False), II (False), III (True), IV (False)
I (False), II (True), III (True), IV (False)
RCC Structures   Footing, Columns, Beams and Slabs
Question 4 Explanation: 
The question is based on LSM design principle as it is describing different conditions related to strain
Depending on amount of reinforcement in a cross- section, here ca be three types of sections viz. balanced, under reinforced and over reinforced.
Balanced section is a section that is expected to result in a balanced failure. It means at the ultimate limit state in flexure, the concrete will attain a limiting compressive strain of 0.0035 and steel will attain minimum specified tensile strain of 0.002+\frac{0.87f_y}{E_s}
Under reinforced section is a section in which steel yield before collapse. Over reinforced section is a section in which crushing of concrete in compression i.e. attainment of compressive strain of 0.0035 occurs prior to yielding of steel.
In case of over reinforced section the deflection, crack width remain relatively low and failure occurs without any sign of warning and hence over reinforced flexural members are not recommended by IS code.
Based on the above information:
Statement I is true.
Statement II is true.
Statement III is false.
Statement IV is false.
Question 5
Match all the possible combinations between Column X (Cement compounds) and Column Y (Cement properties):
\begin{array}{|c|l|}\hline \text{Column X}&\text{Column Y} \\ \hline (i) C_3S & \text{(P) Early age strength} \\ \hline (ii) C_2S & \text{(Q) Later age strength}\\ \hline (iii) C_3A& \text{(R) Flash setting}\\ \hline & \text{(S) Highest heat of hydration}\\ \hline & \text{(T) Lowest heat of hydration}\\ \hline \end{array}
Which one of the following combinations is correct?
(i) - (P), (ii) - (Q) and (T), (iii) - (R) and (S)
(i) - (Q) and (T), (ii) - (P) and (S), (iii) - (R)
(i) - (P), (ii) - (Q) and (R), (iii) - (T)
(i) - (T), (ii) - (S), (iii) - (P) and (Q)
RCC Structures   Concreate Technology
Question 5 Explanation: 
C_3S- Responsible for early age strength
C_2S - Responsible for later age strength and lowest heat of hydration
C_3A- Flash setting and highest heat of hydration

There are 5 questions to complete.

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