OSI Layer

Question 1
In the following pairs of OSI protocol layer/sub-layer and its functionality, the INCORRECT pair is
Network layer and Routing
Data Link Layer and Bit synchronization
Transport layer and End-to-end process communication
Medium Access Control sub-layer and Channel sharing
GATE CSE 2014 SET-3   Computer Network
Question 2
An IP machine Q has a path to another IP machine H via three IP routers R1, R2, and R3.
H acts as an HTTP server, and Q connects to H via HTTP and downloads a file. Session layer encryption is used, with DES as the shared key encryption protocol. Consider the following four pieces of information:
[I1] The URL of the file downloaded by Q
[I2] The TCP port numbers at Q and H
[I3] The IP addresses of Q and H
[I4] The link layer addresses of Q and H
Which of I1, I2, I3, and I4 can an intruder learn through sniffing at R2 alone?
Only I1 and I2
Only I1
Only I2 and I3
Only I3 and I4
GATE CSE 2014 SET-2   Computer Network
Question 3
Match the following:
 (P) SMTP     (1) Application layer
(Q) BGP      (2) Transport layer
(R) TCP      (3) Data link layer
(S) PPP      (4) Network layer
             (5) Physical layer 
P - 2 Q - 1 R - 3 S - 5
P - 1 Q - 4 R - 2 S - 3
P - 1 Q - 4 R - 2 S - 5
P - 2 Q - 4 R - 1 S - 3
GATE CSE 2007   Computer Network
Question 4
Choose the best matching between Group 1 and Group 2
\begin{array}{|l|l|}\hline \textbf{Group-1} & \textbf{Group-2} \\\hline \text{P. Data link layer} & \text{1. Ensures reliable transport of data over a physical point-}\\ & \text{to-point link} \\\hline \text{Q. Network layer} & \text{2. Encodes/decodes data for physical transmission} \\\hline \text{R. Transport layer} & \text{3. Allows end-to-end communication between two }\\ & \text{processes} \\\hline \text{} & \text{4. Routes data from one network node to the next} \\\hline \end{array}
P - 1, Q - 4, R - 3
P- 2, Q - 4, R - 1
P - 2, Q - 3, R - 1
P-1, Q - 3, R - 2
GATE CSE 2004   Computer Network
There are 4 questions to complete.

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